Quick & Easy Staging Tips

Quick & Easy Staging Tips

Armstrong - Bentley & Associates is pleased to offer the services of our in-house home staging expert to our Clients. You will receive an approximately 1-hour home staging consultation to ensure your home is looking it’s best before going on the market. Here are some of our favourite staging tips:

Modern Staged Kitchen

De-Clutter & De-Personalize

• Ensure closets are approximately 3/4 full, remove empty hangers and boxes on the floor;

• Ensure kitchen counter-tops are mostly empty of appliances, paper, dishes, etc;

• Organize and contain child toys to one room;

• Organize and store tools in garage and/or shed;

• Remove magnets and artwork from fridge; and

• When displaying or showcasing accessories on coffee or end tables it is best to apply the rule of 1 or 3. One large item or three smaller items offer the best visual appeal.

Power Washing Siding

Deep Clean

• Power-wash siding and walkways;

• Ensure grout is clean and not discoloured; and

• Wipe down baseboards and window/door trim.


Colourful Landscaping

Curb Appeal

• Add a welcoming doormat to front door;

• Add potted plants around porch to give colour; and

• Prune trees and shrubs, particularly those leading to the front door.

Thinking of Selling? Contact Us today, we would love to provide you with the current market trends and develop a plan to get your home sold for the most money!

*Things Our Lawyers Require us to Say - Armstrong - Bentley & Associates is not a financial, tax, legal, insurance, or investment advisor, and this article is meant for informational purposes only.

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